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We believe accountability doesn’t stop at providing a great product

Although each product is designed to remain fully functional far beyond its defined operative life, it is absolutely essential to ensure that it is in perfect condition. And your neighbourhood mechanical repair shop is not up to the task.

At Accurate Surveillance India Pvt. Ltd. , we understand each of the parts that make our products. We know that if an extinguisher is losing weight, it’s losing power. We know that dust accumulating on a smoke detector could cause its circuits to fail. In short, we know exactly what to look for.

Accurate Surveillance India Pvt. Ltd. maintenance programme is conducted by a team of qualified professionals who will visit your premises once a quarter to carry out a series of checks on all the products on your premises. These checks are performed in accordance with the Indian Standards and leave out nothing. After all, who better to maintain your devices than the people who built them?

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